Bra Story

The No Bounce Bra is an innovation product designed for girls and women to provide them with an equal opportunity to thrive in any sport. The No Bounce enables you to perform and move confidently with the freedom to run and play sport without any breast movement!

No bounce was created by our founder Jen Misseldine.

Jen has years of experience in the bra industry designing for high end lingerie brands and having best sellers in every window!
After seeing her daughter horse riding and seeing girls in sport at school it was obvious a modern ‘fit for purpose’ product appropriate for girls and women in sport was essential as it had been missed globally!

There is a lack of education around bra sizing for girls and their mums especially around sport. This prevents girls from feeling confident and stops them from achieving their potential within their chosen sport or even leaving sport altogether!

Our mission is to support and empower the girls, stop them leaving sport and provide the correct kit so they can excel.

It’s all about our girls and as mums we want the very best for them.
The No Bounce Sport bra is tested and proven to support them on their journey.
No other brand offers the level of support comfort and performance compared to the No Bounce Sports Bra.