Grey Sports Bra

The No Bounce sports bra gives you the freedom to run and is the winning bra to offer full support for any high intensity activity. Whether you’re competing professionally or just looking to be more active, this non wired and supportive bra is suitable for all control levels from low to high impact. The ultimate reduced bounce sports bra you can now train or play with total confidence with no bust movement and in grey it’s invisible under any sports kit.

Expertly designed for girls in sport, whether it be football, netball, tennis, yoga, running or walking your dog. Stylish, comfortable, and supportive, ‘No Bounce’ is the expert’s choice sports bra designed for all women.

‘It’s so comfortable, I often end up wearing it for most of the day. I’d recommend this bra to anyone’ - Dr Liz Durden-Myers, Daily Mail and Senior Lecturer in Physical Education, Bath Spa University

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Ali Charles

Active Sports Bra for skiing

I’m turning 50 this year and have always had a difficult time finding a sports bra that fits, let alone is comfortable. Being a larger cup has often meant using some contraption that gives you a mono-boob look with everything strapped down.
Packing for a skiing holiday and I thought I’d order 1 to see how I got on - in the same size. Well - it’s it just amazing!! I was advised that it would feel tighter than a usual bra - which I have experienced before. Having said this though, it was tight, but comfortable. I was able to let the straps out to full length and cross them over at the back. I didn’t want to have to fiddle pulling the straps up as I was skiing. Even without underwires, I have 2 boobs, not a mono one and it comes up high enough to give great support. I didn’t have to think about it all day, the bra was so comfortable. I want to also say how easy it is to wash out whilst away as well. We don’t have access to a washing machine, so at the end of the day I have used travel wash to hand wash, ring out and leave to dry on the towel warmer. It’s dries fully overnight and good to put on again the next morning. I will be buying another and use them for classes when I’m home again. Thank you so much!

Joyce Gilbert

Active Sports Bra

I am 66 and relatively fit but have found as I've got older it has been impossible to find a good sports bra - until today. Wow!!! It fits perfectly is very comfortable, and yes - no bounce! I'm only 32D and quite petite but my breasts do need extra support for Aerobics and running.  Thank you!


Fabulous No Bounce bras

I'm in my sixties and have worn underwire bras all my life. I don't know what bra manufacturers have been doing recently but I can no longer find one that is comfortable to wear. I changed to non-wired bras during the lockdown, but although they were much more comfortable, they didn't offer me the support I needed, and I looked awful in them. I looked like my elderly aunt with boobs spread out over my chest like two blobs. In the last couple of months, I have brought 2 no-bounce sports bras. I wasn't wearing the right size bra and the wonderful customer service girls were amazingly helpful in finding the right size for me a 36FF. I have thrown out all my other bras as I couldn't bear to wear them for more than a couple of hours. Now I wear my bras all day in comfort. when I take them off there are no red lines. Best of all I look uplifted and slimmer and I feel fabulous and much more confident. I even want to look in the mirror now. I feel I look good in them and they give me the support I need for activities from Pilates to Martial arts. If you are considering getting one of these bras don't hesitate, with the help of the customer service girls you will find the perfect fit and comfort you deserve. DO IT NOW!

The Details

  • No Bounce’ Patented Technology significantly reduces movement in all directions - You move, they don’t!
  • Performance fabrics with antimicrobial benefit
  • Spacer fabric construction for extra breathability
  • Lightly structured internal cup
  • Wide straps for superior support
  • Inner seamless lining for superior comfort
  • Super-soft brushed under band elastic
  • No stitch hook and eye for ultra-comfort
  • 30-degree machine washable
  • Main fabric - 76% polyamide, 24% elastane. Front lining - 82% polyamide, 18% elastane. Mesh - 73% polyamide, 27% elastane. Cup outer - 100% polyester. Cup inner 100% polyurethane.
  • Straps detach to be worn with GPS tracker holder (sold separately).
  • Additional loops to hold heart rate monitor in place – If not required simply cut to remove.

Our Service

Free advice & exchanges, easy returns. Free exchange for the wrong bra size until we get your size right. No shipping charges on exchanges. If you are not 100% happy with your size, contact us and we will send you an alternative size or book a one-to-one fitting call to get it right. If we can’t get it right for you we promise a 100% Money back guarantee on your purchase.